Birthed in an unprecedented time in world history. Launched in 2021 AMA Fest made history by hosting the largest Amapiano festival outside of South Africa with thousands of music lovers in attendance.

Cemented as one of the greatest festival experiences in the world AMA Fest has had as much of an explosive journey as the Amapiano music genre which it represents.

The festival aims to shed light on the sound of Amapiano, positioning the music genre on a higher pedal stool and increasing its outreach to those that love it most. In addition, providing a platform for the creators and facilitators of the music to get in front of a large audience to showcase their talents.

AMA Fest has become a social gathering hub for Southern Africans. Embracing and showcasing their cultures through food, creative experiences and music. After all, the neighbouring countries of South Africa have played a key and vital role in the escalation in the adoption of Amapiano music.